Conference halls from 50 to 200 people

Functional and cosy our middle size halls are fit for a wide range of business meetings, seminars, training sessions. According to the interior arrangement their capacity goes from 50 to 200 people.

Zaharii Zograph is an upscale hall and is located in the central part of the hotel right next to the Reception desk. Its occupancy capacity is 150.

Borovets hall is spacious and functional and has natural daylight. When used separately it is fit for meetings and events for up to 120 people. For larger events Borovets hall may be integrated to the smaller Musala hall bringing the total maximum capacity to 170 people. Both halls are equipped with multimedia projection and sound equipment.

International hall - all in light colors and natural daylight it is among the most favored for any type of events. It has an inside bar excellent for coffee breaks and its maximum capacity is 120 people. The hall is available for use by our guests until December.

Check out our virtual brochure, where you can find our halls' different possibilities.