All day tours

Tour peak Musala

Take the challenge and climb the highest peak on the Balkans- the Musala! This is among the most physically trying journeys which lasts for 8 hours and is suited for more experienced tourists only.  It includes riding up with the Gondola lift to 2369 m. above sea level, one hour walk to Musala lodge, passing by the Musala lakes, the Everest shelter and the Ledenoto Ezero (Ice Lake) followed by the most trying part of the tour- a 40 min. hiking to the Musala peak itself. The way back goes on the same itinerary and takes three hours and a half.

Tour Maliovitza Peak

This is another physically demanding tour suited for tourists in good physical shape only. The tour includes a transfer to the mountain base Maliovitza from where starts the hike to the Maliovitsa peak. The duration of the tour is about 8 hours.

Tour Musala lodge

This a medium level of difficulty tour which includes a start from the Rila hotel, a ride up by chairlift to Yastrebets peak and a walk to Musala lodge. The way back follows the same itinerary and the overall duration of the tour is about 3 hours.

Tour Maliovitza lodge

The tour to the Maliovitsa lodge includes transfer via Beli iskar and Govedartsi villages to the Maliovitsa complex. From there starts the hiking tour to the lodge itself and reaching the final destination takes about one hour on a medium level of difficulty terrain. The path crosses some picturesque mountain water streams surrounded by beautiful rocks. Beside the majestic panoramic view  the lodge gives a view of the training rock course where numerous mountain climbers prepared for their journey to the world's highest peaks.  

Tour the Seven Rila Lakes

Among the most attractive mountain tours this tour will bring you to visit all seven lakes and  a professional mountain guide will give a brief lecture on the specificities of each of them. The journey is of medium level of difficulty and comprises transfer from Borovets resort to the Pionerska lodge, riding up on the chairlift to the Rilski Ezera lodge and a hiking journey to the lakes.

Tour Chakar Voivoda lodge

The hiking tour to Chakar Voivoda lodge is of medium level of difficulty and approximate duration of 5 hours. The area is accessed by chairlift Sitniakovo Express and from there a 2 hours walk through the forest and alongside Sitniakovo royal residence brings you to Chakar Voivoda lodge at 1930 m. above sea level. After a brief break the journey goes on to the Saragiol royal residence at the foot of the Shatar mount.

Tour Deno

The tour is of medium level of difficulty and includes mounting by chairlift to the Yastrebets peak at 2369 m. of altitude and a one hour hike to the Musala lodge. From there it goes on to the foot of the Deno peak which opens towards a lovely view to the valley of Musalenska Bistritsa and the Saragiol circus. The journey then follows a picturesque pathway and reaches Chakar voivoda lodge and the Sitniakovo Royal residence. On the way back you are carried down by the four seater Sitniakovo Express lift.