Half day tours

Tour Chernata skala

This is a nice and easy tour that will bring you to the Chernata skala- a popular tourist destination. The tour takes between one hour and a half and two hours and crosses the freshness of a pine forest and number of beautiful spots excellent for a short break. The tour is recommended for families with children and tourists with little experience.

Tour Tzari Mali grad

The overall duration of the tour is about 3 hours and provides a transfer to Belchin village, a visit of the medieval church Sveta Petka built in the 16th century and the ethnographic museum listed as one of the 100 national tourist destinations. It ends with the visit to the Tzari Mali Grad fortress itself and the transfer back to Borovets.

Tour Sitniakovka skala

The tour is suited for families with children and tourists with little experience. It starts with a ride up on the Sitniakovo Express four-seater lift, then with a walk through a beautiful area opening towards a splendid panoramic view  and passes by the winter hunting lodge of Bulgaria's king Ferdinand- Sitniakovo royal residence. You may chose to return to Borovets by feet following the Sitniakovo footpath or a ride on the four-seater lift.