The Best MENTALIST in Bulgaria

Become Part of the Magic

This summer we are adding a new entertainment to our summer program - a performance by Diyan Kostadinov - the best mentalist in Bulgaria. 

Our guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a captivating spectacle specially created for the Rila Hotel. Exciting demonstrations of telepathy, influencing the human subconscious, mind reading, mind control, supernatural perceptions and predictions, full of style and skill, await you. The MENTALIST's knowledge of psychology and human behavior makes every performance an unforgettable show. Entertainment is guaranteed, and the bravest of you will have the chance to participate in person and feel the power of his insightful mind.

Diyan has won many international awards, including the “Golden Cylinder” for stage manipulation, 1st place in the Balkans for close-up magic and “Fire magic” 2022, 2nd place at the “Golden Cat” 2022. Maybe you watched him at the semi-finals of “Bulgaria's Got Talent” in 2021? If you haven't, you can see him on our stage.

During the Rila Master Chef Weekends on July 6th, August 3rd and August 24th, all our guests will be able to enjoy Diyan Kostadinov's performance.

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