Classic massage

The classic massage is known worldwide also as European or Swedish massage. Its main purpose is to relax and revitalize as well as to release the body from any stress and fatigue.

Antistress and relaxation of the body

This is a relaxing massage that will help your body and mind to reduce stress and tension, and will lead to complete relaxation of the whole organism. The combination of aromas will improve the quality of your sleep and thus restore your mental and physical strength.

Relaxing Arabian luxury

This luxurious massage brings together a range of exclusive techniques inspired by the diverse cultures of the Arab world to induce a deep state of relaxation and well-being from head to toe. Enjoy the magical texture of a balm with malachite, which will achieve a feeling of relaxation of the whole body.

Aroma candle massage

Relaxing aroma massage with beewax and aromatic notes of the hot candle. The effect is full body and mind relaxation.

Hot stone massage

Based on the ancient healing method using the strength of volcano stones to relieve muscle tension and pain. You will feel that the stones cool down very quickly when they placed at the problem zones.

Deep tissue massage

It focuses on the in-depth layers of the muscles and the connective tissue and is applied on tense and painful spots of the body. Power massage with deep and slow techniques. It relaxes the whole body.

Anticellulite massage

This is a massage in which, with rhythmic movements, the accumulations of fatty tissue are moved and broke. It also counteracts fluid retention. The massage is focused on problem areas.


An ancient massage technique with effect on the entire body by stimulating the reflexion zones of the feet. This gives healing impulses to the organs and reduces the tension in the body.

Massage for kids (from 6 up to 12 years):

  • With coconut oil

        It improves quality of sleep and increase energy and concentration.

  • With chocolate

        It is rich of antioxidants and phytonutrients and fights the stress factors.

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