Tour "Peak Musala"

Accept the challenge - climb the highest peak of the Balkans - Musala! One of the most heavily loaded hikes, this tour lasts around 8 hours and is suitable for the more fit hiker. It includes a cable car climb to a height of 2369m, an hour's walk to the Musala Hut, passing the Musalen Lakes, the Everest Shelter and the Ice Lake, followed by a highly strenuous trek of about 40 minutes to the Musala Peak itself. The return takes the same route and takes about three and a half hours.

Tour "Maliovitsa Peak"

Another high-impact tour suitable for hikers with better physical endurance. The tour includes a trip with provided transport to the mountain base of Maliovitsa, from where the transition to the Maliovitsa peak itself takes place. The duration of the whole tour is about 8 hours.

Tour "Musala Lodge"

This a medium level-difficulty tour which includes a start from the Rila Hotel, a ride up by lift to Yastrebets Peak and a walk to Musala Lodge. The way back follows the same path and the overall duration of the tour is about 3 hours.

Tour "Maliovitsa Lodge"

The tour to the Maliovitsa Lodge includes transfer via Beli iskar and Govedartsi villages to the Maliovitsa Resort. The hiking tour to the lodge itself and reaching the final destination takes about one hour on a medium level-difficulty terrain. The path crosses some picturesque mountain water streams surrounded by beautiful rocks. Beside the majestic panoramic view  the lodge gives a view of the training rock course where numerous rock climbers have trained for their journey to the world's highest peaks.  

Tour "Тhe Seven Rila Lakes"

Visiting the Seven Rila Lakes is among the most attractive mountain tours. Our professional mountain guide will explain to you the specifics of each of the lakes. The journey is of medium level difficulty and comprises a transfer from Borovets Resort to the Pionerska Lodge, riding up on the chairlift to the "Rilski Ezera" Lodge and a hiking tour to the lakes.

Tour "Chakar Voivoda Lodge"

The hiking tour to Chakar Voyvoda Lodge is of medium level of difficulty and approximate duration of 5 hours. The area is accessed by chairlift Sitnyakovo Express and from there a 2 hour-walk through the forest and alongside Sitnyakovo royal residence brings you to Chakar Voyvoda Lodge at 1930m above sea level. After a brief break the tour goes on to the Saraguiyol royal residence at the foot of the Shatar Peak.

Tour "Deno"

The tour is of medium level of difficulty and includes mounting by chairlift to the Yastrebets Peak at 2369m of altitude and a one-hour hike to the Musala Lodge. From there it goes on to the foot of the Deno Peak from where a lovely view to the valley of Musalenska Bistritsa and the Saragiol Circus opens up. The journey then follows a picturesque pathway and reaches Chakar Voyvoda Lodge and the Sitnyakovo royal residence. On the way back you take down the four-seater Sitnyakovo Express Lift.


Tour "Black Rock"

Pleasant and with a light load, this tour will take you to the famous tourist site "Black Rock". The journey there lasts about an hour and a half - two hours and passes through the cool pine forest and numerous picturesque places, suitable for a short rest. It is suitable for families with children and inexperienced tourists.

Tour "Tzari Mali grad"

The total duration of this walk is about 3 hours and includes transport to the village of Belchin, a visit to the medieval church "Sveta Petka", built in the 16th century, and the ethnographic museum, included in the list of one hundred national tourist sites. It ends with the ascent and viewing of the "Tsari Mali Grad" fortress itself and transport back to Borovets.

Tour "Sitnyakovska Rock"

Suitable for families with children and inexperienced tourists, the journey to "Sitnyakovo Rock" begins with a climb with the open-air lift "Sitnyakovo Express", continues with a walk through a beautiful area with a magnificent panoramic view and passes by the winter hunting lodge of Tsar Ferdinand - the Sitnyakovo Palace. Back in Borovets, if you wish, you can return on foot along the Sitnyakov road or by the four-seater open lift.

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