Classic massage

The classic massage is known worldwide also as European or Swedish massage. It is applied on the back and the arms and its main purpose it to relax and revitalize as well as to release the body from any stress and fatigue.

Anti-stress massage

This is a full massage including the head and the feet aiming to neutralize the physical fatigue and psychological stress. It achieves full relaxation calming down the muscle tension.

Aroma candle massage

Relaxing aroma massage with hot candle. Full body relaxation.

Anti-stress massage with warm Ayurveda oil

Relaxing massage with warm green tea oil. Detox with relaxing effect.

Deep tissue massage

It focuses on the in-depth layers of the muscles and the connective tissue and is applied on tense and painful spots of the body.

Acupresure massage

Traditional chinese massage. Include Chinese technics and acupressure to sensitive spots and trigger points.

Massage with hot rocks

Based on the ancient healing method using the strength of volcano rocks as negative energy neutralizers it combines some elements of reflexology and aromatherapy. You will notice that the rocks cool down very quickly when placed at spots with inflammatory processes or wounds.


An ancient massage technique with effect on the entire body by stimulating the reflexion zones of the feet. This gives healing impulses to the organs and reduces the tension in the body.

​Massage of the head

An Asian healing massage of the neck, scalp and acupressure of the face to eliminate the energy blockage. It is applied to relieve headaches and tension.Calms the mind and body. For best results combine with another procedure.

Massage with honey and and himalayan salt back detox

Detox back massage with honey and Himalayan salt. It has a highly toning effect on the entire body. It is best suited for people frequently exposed to stress and heavy physical activity. Stimulates the blood circulation and the immune system.

Massage Bulgarian rose

The Bulgarian rose is well-known worldwide for its healing properties and magic fragrances. Its fresh scent aligns in harmony the human body and mind whereas the massage with rose oil is an exciting experience for anyone who chooses to try it.  


Massage with chocolate

Also known as  the "massage of the smiles" it is the perfect antidepressant and it boosts all the senses waking up the endorphins in the human body. Classic massage with natural chocolate. Real aroma experience to all senses. Relaxes the body and mind.

Massage for children up to 12 years of agewith chocolate surprise 

Massage for children with a chocolate surprise after the procedure.It is recommended for immunity enhancement and concentration improvement. It has toning and energizing effect.