SPA therapies

Bulgarian rose

Rejuvenating therapy with deeply hydrating skin effect with natural oils of Bulgaria rose.
It includes a massage, peeling and body mask with an unforgettable fragrance of Bulgarian rose. Upon request a facial spa therapy may be added.


This is an Oriental procedure for body cleansing with an exfoliating "kese" and a unique foam massage. The steam opens the pores, the exfoliation procedure removes the upper layer of dead cells and eliminates the toxins from the body. The procedure ends on a contrasting shower.  

Wine therapy 

Full antioxidant therapy that stimulates the natural body detox mechanism. Comes with a glass of wine at “Champions Lobby Bar & Diner”.
Includes full body peeling with grape , Aroma candle and grape oil massage and grape butter.

Sport-tonic therapy

Sport massage combined with heating gel and special oil for athletes. Relax the muscles in depth and tones the body.

Sothys Anti-age therapy with collagen and hyaluronic acid

Anti-age full body therapy. Leaves the skin refreshed and youthful. Recommended to combine with Anti-age Sothys facial therapy.

Tribal /NEW/

Experience new sensations and discover the ancestral plants and recipes from Africa, Mexico and Polynesia. You will relax and get in tune with the rhythms of nature.