March holidays at the Rila Borovets hotel

Experience one of the unique Bulgarian traditions on March 1st, when the ancient custom of adorning people, trees, and even animals with hand crafted “martenitsas” signifies a heartfelt wish for health and prosperity. These charming tokens, woven from intertwining threads of white and red, carry profound symbolism. The white colour embodies purity, innocence, and boundless joy, while the fiery red evokes vitality, robust health, and love. It speaks of triumphant victories, the essence of life, and the courage to embrace new beginnings. Join us in embracing this cherished tradition, where every martenitsa is a testament to the enduring Bulgarian spirit. 

Traditionally The Rila Hotel supports the Social Rehabilitation and Integration and Day Center for Children and Youth in Samokov by purchasing more than 1000 martenitsas made by the children. The hand crafted martenitsas are gifts for all our guests as part of this beautiful celebration. 

You will be able to support the initiative by buying “martenitsas” for family and friends. The collected funds will be donated to the Center for Children and Youth in Samokov. 

Celebrate Bulgaria’s Liberation Day on March 3rd at The Rila Hotel in Borovets! Step into the festivities in front of the hotel and experience the thrill of history coming to life as the local folkloric Club “Chakar Voyvoda” presents its moving reenactment of the Revival period with dramatic firing of the traditional cherry wood cannon.  

Mark your calendars and be part of these extraordinary celebrations. Make memories that will last a lifetime!