Baba Martha with a cause

This year too, hotel Rila welcomes Baba Marta, holding a special charity initiative in support of Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration for Children in the town of Samokov. We celebrate the holiday by purchasing over 1,300 martenitsi made in the center, which we will present to our guests, giving them smiles and a memory of traditions celebrated at hotel Rila.
According to tradition, on March 1st, people are strung for health and success with martenitsi made of twisted white and red thread. White colour symbolizes purity, innocence and joy. Red is the colour of vitality, of health, of life and bravery. People give away martenitsi as a token of friendship and good fortune.
In the period between February 27th and March 07th in the hotel, around the reception, there will be a special designated place where everyone who wishes will be able to support the initiative, which for another year we accept as our priority. The collected funds will be doubled by hotel Rila and will be donated to the children and their development.

A Red And White Flag With A Crowd Of People In The Background