Scouts camp

Are you ready for the summer? Are you ready for the mountain? Hotel Rila offers exciting adventures for your children during the summer vacation!

Pack your summer weekdays like never before with Scouts Camp for All Kids!

Give your children fresh air, new friendships made, mountain adventures and a lot of new knowledge. Help them fall in love with the mountains and nature in an exciting way!

The scouts camp is for children from 6 to 14 years of age. During the program, children will learn various useful mountain survival techniques, have educational walks and lessons on various topics, numerous games and courses that will teach them how to pitch a tent and other practical things, as well as a children's cinema in the evening.

The program of KIDS ANIMATION during the camp

Age of kids/students: 6-14 years
MONDAY Getting to know the old Borovets and the surrounding area
Scout rope work techniques
Scout signs
Picnic in the mountain and games - hide and seek, blind man's buff, guards and apaches
TUESDAY How to navigate in the mountains, making a map of the surroundings, working with a compass
Treasure hunt - search for treasure on a map and use what you learn
Sports games in front of the hotel - football, dodgeball, badminton
WENDSDAY Our animal friends - making a feeder and drinker for birds and other animals
How to light a fire in the mountains - safety rules and practice
Around the campfire - Marshmallows and stories
Archery and sling shooting
3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. The programming workshop
THURSDAY Bike tour - 7-9 children per tour
Making a mountain bivouac: how to pitch a tent and maintain a bivouac
Competitive game - which team will make their mountain camp faster
Mountain rafting - activities in the pool
FRIDAY The herbs of Rila Mountain - a course in herbalism and getting to know plants
Safety in the mountain
A simulated rescue operation
SATURDAY 10:00 a.m. - Pottery course (during "Balkan weekend") / Art course (during "Mediterranean weekend") / Trick course (during "Chef's weekend")
3:00 a.m. - Balkan pie making course (during "Balkan weekend") / Cannoli making course (during "Mediterranean weekend") / Cake making course(during "Chef's weekend")
5:00 a.m. - Patriotism Lesson (during "Balkan Weekend") / Dance Lessons (during "Mediterranean Weekend") / Homemade Lemonade Making (during "Chef's Weekend")
Team games with children - with rings and balls, hide and seek, football, etc.
SUNDAY The spirit of the mountain - collecting cones, twigs and various leaves. Making a panel with the collected material
Team games in front of the hotel - sack jumping, games with rings and cones
Game for flexibility- Twister
Bad weather activities:

An educational presentations:
  • Basic knowledge of caving
  • History of the oldest resort in Bulgaria
  • Getting to know Rila mountain
Book Now The camp program

The offer includes:

  • Accommodation in Superior or Signature rooms;
  • Buffet breakfast and buffet dinner*;
  • Scouts camp;
  • Kids club for children between 3-12 years*;
  • Children's animation;
  • Free access to Rila Spa with indoor swimming pool (25 m); jacuzzi; saunas; fitness;
  • Wi-Fi internet throughout the hotel;
  • Free outdoor parking subject to availability.

*Buffet is organized for a minimum of 30 people; in case they are less, the meal is on a pre- prepared set menu.