Body Spa Treatments

Hammam massage (exfoliation with kese and foam massage)

This is an exclusive massage that takes place in a Turkish bath. It has a beneficial effect on the mind, body and skin. It starts with body exfoliation using a kese (a special exfoliating glove) with the aim of removing dead cells. Then the procedure continues with a foam massage.

Booking for this massage start at 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., with the last one at 2 p.m.

Circulation activation ritual

This treatment includes a sesame and avocado peeling oil and a cannabis cream massage. It improves circulation and has a powerful draining effect that brings a feeling of relaxation.

Body energising ritual

The treatment begins with a creamy peeling with orange and apricot, which aims to remove the surface layer of the skin and prepare it for the next step - the application of a wrap. The delicate shell with sapphire particles gives the skin shine and energy, deeply revitalizes and prepares the body for massage. It is performed with malachite massage cream.

Body remineralising ritual

The ritual includes 3 steps:

  1. Peeling with thermal salts that will make the skin silky soft.
  2. Hematite Wrap – The remineralizing and highly astringent properties of Hematite extract and organic mud envelop the skin, leaving it hydrated and firm.
  3. Massage with Indian spice massage oil

Signature treatment for ladies with Rose attar

This luxurious treatment aims to remove stress and create a sense of balance and deep relaxation in the ladies. The procedure is focused on important women’s areas – lower back and belly. Facial therapy is included to complete the unique experience.

Signature treatment for men with Geranium attar

This luxurious treatment strengthens the ability to adapt to stress and restores the balance between mind, spirit and body in the men. The therapy is focused on important men’s areas – back and lower back. Because the male energy is located in the lower back, after the massage we place a special belt in over this zone (such a belt is worn by Bulgarian bachelors since ancient times). A facial therapy is included.

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