Ski and Snowboard

Borovets resort has 3 ski centers:

Sitnyakovo Ski Center - Central Borovets

Sitnyakovo Ski Center is located at an altitude of 1350 m to 1780 m and has a snow installation covering 250 acres of slopes. This is also the night skiing center of the resort, available across eight trails with electrical lighting - Iglika, Rila, Martinovi Baraki 1,2,3, 4, 5 and 6, Rotata and the lower section of Sitnyakovo ski way.

Yastrebets Ski Center

The ski center extends from 1340 m to 2369 m above sea level. Its snow installation provides snowmaking on the slopes "Popangelov" (formerly "Yastrebets 2"), "Yastrebets 3" and the lower part of the "Yastrebets 1" track. Daily, every 15 minutes, a shuttle bus connects the lower station of the "Yastrebets" gondola lift and the lower station of the "Yastrebets Express" chairlift. The free transport is intended only for skiers and snowboarders using the Borosport ski facilities.

Markudjik Ski Center 

The highest of the three ski centers, the Markudžik ski center is located at an altitude of 2144 m to 2550 m. In the height of the winter season, the snow cover in this ski center reaches 2 m, which creates exceptional opportunities for extreme skiing.